AlphaCipher is an enhanced digital version of the true One Time Pad ("OTP") encryption algorithm. The OTP cipher is the only encryption algorithm that has ever been mathematically proven to produce permanently unbreakable ciphertext when properly implemented. This proven strength of the OTP makes it the only cipher that is immune to the daily advances in computer hacking techniques, advanced mathematics and advances in high performance computing and processing power. Vadium has enhanced the basic OTP cryptographic process logic in several significant ways that makes the OTP cipher efficient for real world digital usage. In adding these enhancements to the proven OTP cipher, Vadium, has in no way compromised the power or integrity of the only truly unbreakable encryption algorithm.

Our additions to the OTP were only done in order to add discrete and accountable processes to the OTP encryption process, either before or after the actual ciphering process. These enhancements make the OTP cipher more efficient from the standpoint of encryption key usage, encryption key management, system user interfaces, end user flexibility and digital memory handling. Overall Vadium's customizations make the OTP system more efficient and user friendly, while maintaining the integrity of a true OTP cipher.

Vadium has developed AlphaCipher into a mature horizontal technology platform in the form of a Software Developer's Kit ("SDK") that can be used to integrate AlphaCipher and its robust functionality into any digital process on any computer operating system or platform. Vadium has developed a number of products using this SDK and in Q2 2015 more information will become available on our updated product line and product road map that is expected to be focused on securing mobile communications and applications, cloud applications and services, mobile payments and digital transactions, along with enterprise productivity applications, healthcare applications and specialized national security and defense applications.

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